Optimum Movement & Performance.

The journey to wellness and longevity of life requires practice.

Practice movement. Practice performance. Practice being strong.

You may have set the destination by yourself, but you don't have to get there alone.
Those who know the road to Optimum Movement and Performance will get you there.

OMP is not just a gym. It’s a community of like-minded people coming together to move and perform better in life through strength training. We help you figure out an easier road to a more fit and healthier lifestyle. Showing you how to overcome those daily obstacles to being fit, strong and healthy, we incorporate all aspects of fitness that keeps you accountable to your ultimate goals for better health.

We are all about accomplishment. Lifting 5 lbs or 250 lbs, requires a commitment to becoming a better you. Knowing your starting point creates a likelihood of success in reaching your ultimate health and fitness goals. We start with taking measurements, calculating body fat & weight and then structuring a plan that factors in your current strength and flexibility. Whether you are a former athlete or just getting started, it’s never easy at first. We understand that the journey to wellness & longevity requires practice. We are consistent in our training of the practice of movement , the practice of performance and the practice in being strong. Because as we all know…..with practice, comes perfection!

What We Do

There are many ways to get to your ultimate health and fitness goals. Many believe that cardio work outs will get you there! However, strength training is proven to bring about the most beneficial physical results! Because of that, we offer two options to keep you accountable to your workout program: Personal Training and Small Group Classes. You choose which option you would be most likely to stay committed based on your current schedule and lifestyle. We then integrate information about your dietary habits to promote a total successful transformation of both mental and physical that you, your friends, and family will be amazed with.

Personal Training

Our Personal Training Program is for people who want accountability with personalized programs that progress to a new level as you improve and get stronger; using different modalities like kettle-bells, TRX suspension trainers, etc… We know mindful eating (nutrition) can make or break the results you want, therefore, we guide you and make available to you nutrition plans, nutritional seminars, and travel programs that include interval workouts which you can do at home or on the road.

The training program includes:

Dynamic Warm Up: The correct way to prepare the body for intense training along with corrective exercises to improve muscle imbalances.

Resistance Training: Muscle helps the body turn into a fat-burning machine. Resistance training helps build muscle to make you stronger and maintain a great fat-burning machine.

Metabolic Conditioning: Doing the wrong type or amount of cardio can be useless, it can also counter your fitness objectives. We provide you with the correct amount and kind of metabolic conditioning that works to achieve your goals.

It doesnt matter what your goals are. If it’s FAT LOSS, SPORTS SPECIFIC, RECREATION, or LIVING PAIN FREE, we have the plan you’re looking for.

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