OMP is not just a gym. It’s a community of like-minded people coming together to move and perform better in life through strength training. We help you figure out an easier road to a more fit and healthier lifestyle. Showing you how to overcome those daily obstacles to being fit, strong and healthy, we incorporate all aspects of fitness that keeps you accountable to your ultimate goals for better health.

We are all about accomplishment. Lifting 5 lbs or 250 lbs, requires a commitment to becoming a better you. Knowing your starting point creates a likelihood of success in reaching your ultimate health and fitness goals. We start with taking measurements, calculating body fat & weight and then structuring a plan that factors in your current strength and flexibility. Whether you are a former athlete or just getting started, it’s never easy at first. We understand that the journey to wellness & longevity requires practice. We are consistent in our training of the practice of movement , the practice of performance and the practice in being strong. Because as we all know…..with practice, comes perfection!


“Exercise, fitness, strength training, fat loss whatever you want to call it is all about the little things. Practicing and fine tuning those little things to execute the exercise or reaching your goals in whatever that maybe with perfection and understanding.”


Owner of Optimum Movement & Performance

Personal Trainer Stone, Owner of Optimal Movement & Performance (OMP) in Emeryville, built his business around his strengths. He turned his athleticism -- high school and college football -— into a healthy career, foregoing his intended career in finance.

Stone has been a Personal Trainer since 2005, after graduating with a finance degree from Wagner College (NY). Beginning at the New York Sports Club, a commercial gym, in Manhattan, he soon devoted himself to strength coaching for men and women, developing a loyal clientele before he left, in 2006. Soon after arriving in the SF Bay Area, he joined forces with his former football trainer, training high school and college players as well as pro-athletes at PEPA Sports.

 After working as both a strength coach at Piedmont High and a personal trainer to private clients, Stone converted a small apartment in his building to an intimate, personal gym for which to train his growing private clientele.  Outgrowing the space within a couple years, he opened a fitness studio (Optimum Movement & Performance)in a storefront on San Pablo Avenue, in Emeryville.

“I like the neighborhood’s free parking and entrepreneurial vibe,” says Stone. “I hope the new apartment buildings and shops mean new business for OMP.”

OMP officially opened its doors in 2012 and offers a wide variety of specialty equipment and training classes to a diverse clientele.  With a mixed infusion of skill levels and ultimate health goals, Stone’s clients love to work out in the newly designed space that is safe and holds massive positive!


Ian’s role in the therapy world began as an international strength coach and a personal trainer, working in both Australia and America. He soon discovered that his passion lies in helping people to overcome pain. After spending over a decade working with the general public and athletes, he decided to focus on the therapeutic aspect of pain management.

Finishing his study of massage therapy, Ian went on to learn Fascial Stretch Therapy (the science of stretching) in Arizona at the Stretch to WIN Institute, under its founders, Ann & Dr.Chris Frederick. Studying with them for over a year he was able to help people to regain their range of motion faster, working with the joints and the muscles as one. Stretching is not just about forcing a limb to achieve the range you want it, often if its tight, there are other reasons at play.

From there, Ian moved on to learning about NeuroKinetic Therapy, after a brief intro, he started studying in San Francisco to learn NKT from David Weinstock, the writer and creator of “NeuroKinetic Therapy, an Innovative Approach to Manual Testing”. NKT helps practitioners dial in on finding the specific causes of biomechanical dysfunctions.

After studying NKT for the next couple years, Ian went on to learn P-DTR (PROPRIOCEPTIVE-DEEP TENDON REFLEX) under its creator Orthopedic Surgeon, Jose Palomar MD. Our body is a sensory/motor system; motor function is heavily influenced by sensory information. Using a comprehensive system of muscle testing and advanced neural challenges, P-DTR can quickly identify the paired proprioceptors that are the source of the pain and dysfunction, which in turn can quickly resolve the issue altogether.



Most therapeutic approaches will deal solely with the “hardware” or “strong-ware” of the body (bones, muscles, tendons, fascia, etc.), but can overlook the pain we all experience. This pain often is an expression of problems with the “software” (our sensory or nervous systems). P-DTR in one of the most comprehensive and effective techniques Ian has come across for dealing with most pain and physiological dysfunction, sometimes providing instantaneous benefits.

Rounding out Ian’s therapeutic skills, he is also certified in Deep Tissue, Restorative Breathing, , P.I.C.P. Strength Coach, CHEK exercise coach, and Swedish Massage.



Trevon’s specialties include:

  • Fat Loss (metabolic/interval training)

  • Core Training

  • Rehabilitation

  • Athletic Performance

  • Balance and Mobility



Trevon, originally from St. Louis Missouri is a recent transplant to the Bay Area.

He has a history of service having been raised in a military family and serving 4 years himself for the United States Navy. During that time and since he always worked serving the public in different capacities.

He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Athletic training from California State University Long Beach. After 9 years working as a Personal and Athletic Trainer. Trevon is excited to join the OPM team.

I understand the value of a fitness therapy routine in cases where it may be required to assist a client in building up for forthcoming races, matches and or games. I am also familiar with muscle training exercises to help clients become stronger, and I am proficient at detecting and assessing potential physical limitations at an early stage.



  • Certified Athletic Trainer (NATABOC)

  • EMT

  • CPR/AED certified

  • Ace Pre/Post Natal Certificate

  • Strength Ball Training Certificate

  • - Nutritional Certificates: Alternative And Complementary Nutrition, Practical Nutrition for Fitness Professionals, & Diet

Cindy Lee

Me? Born and raised in a small city called Abilene, TX. I would say that it’s innate for me to be active and moving 24/7, along with being outside every single chance I get. If I’m not finding a way to be physically active, you can find me in the kitchen constantly refining my cooking techniques. I’m definitely one of those people who need constant stimulation mentally and physically to reduce boredom and encourage growth as a person. I’m addicted to improvement in all areas of my life. Every year is better than the previous year, being a better version of myself.  I grew up playing various team sports at school such as soccer, basketball, softball, golf and volleyball. Outside from school, I participated in martial arts for many years, initially starting with Tae Kwon Do and then transitioning into mixed martial arts practicing in Jiu Jitsu and Kickboxing. Years ago, I decided to challenge my fitness levels by giving Crossfit a whirl. I’ve learned a lot from this in many ways, including a self discovery with my obsession for competitive Olympic style weightlifting (snatch + clean and jerk) and RAW power lifting (squat, bench, and dead lift). Anything in regards to strength, whether a loaded movement or unloaded through body weight work is definitely an obsession and an ongoing challenge. The pursuit to be better is an endless journey. There is always another goal and another level of strength. Strength is my addiction.


My training philosophy is to use a systematic approach to improving muscle imbalances, movement capabilities, posture, strength results, and overall decrease the risk of injury which is always priority. My training focus is on functional fitness through strength and conditioning work. This simply means working our bodies the way we use them in everyday life. We want to constantly improve our everyday function and that means with very minimal use of machines. We will work large and small muscle groups alike, moving multiple joints through full ranges of motion, and constantly emphasizing stability and body control.

Obtaining goals is a process, not a prescription and therefore places a strong emphasis on commitment. Commitment will yield more noticeable results. My goal is to use both our minds together to develop a strategy to help you reach your goals. A happy client means a happy trainer!

Training Log: instagram.com/strength_coach_cindy/

Website: cindyleetraining.com/

Khadijah Lightfoot

Dr. Lightfoot was born and raised in the Bay Area.  She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Integrative Biology at the University of California, Berkeley.  While studying at Cal, she was a mentor for underprivileged youth and volunteered as a tutor.  She also pursued a sports medicine internship at the University of Nevada, Reno in the athletic training department.  Following her undergraduate degree, she attended the Life Chiropractic College, West, where she received her doctorate in chiropractic in 2009.  Dr. Lightfoot loves helping patients improve their overall Quality Of Life.  She takes pride in assisting her patients to achieve their health goals by using the “whole body approach”. This approach to wellness looks at the underlying causes to disturbances (which may be inducing the symptoms the patient is experiencing); and makes whatever interference/adjustments and lifestyle alterations that would optimize the conditions for optimal health. With this approach, she is capable of assisting her patients in achieving and maintaining their journey to good health.

Coach T

The purpose of training is to tighten up the slack, toughen the body, and polish the spirit.
— Morihei Ueshiba

I’m a self confessed physical fitness junkie and total convert to a life of strength, endurance and flexibility. 

I use several different tools to help people move better and get stronger. First and foremost are Zhealth brain-based exercises that help restore and enhance movement patterns. By incorporating various joint mobility, vision and vestibular exercises, I'll be able to help you reach your goals efficiently and safely.

Here are some of the main tools I use in my classes and personal training:

The Kettlebell -- It's an efficient fat-stripper that will enhance cardiovascular conditioning, forge mental toughness, improve flexibility & reduce stress. Kettlebell training is not a workout..it is a practice like other martial arts. Many of the movements require total focus on the task at hand.

Your own Bodyweight - mastering push-ups, pull-ups, crawling, squatting and inverting yourself (headstand, wall handstand) are basic human movements that need to be practiced.

The Steel Mace - an amazing tool that will build incredible grip strength and healthy shoulders. You'll also feel like you can conquer anything once it's in your hands!

Russian Kettlebell Certified (RKC I)

Strong First Girya I

Easy Strength Certified (Pavel & Dan John)

Z-Health Essentials of Elite Performance, 

 *R-Phase (Movement Restoration)

 *I-Phase (Vision and Vestibular Restoration)

Certified AED/CPR American Heart Association